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My role in education, creative activity and mentorship demonstrates a strong belief that the arts are directly connected to each aspect of our lives—collective ideas and inquiries are a blessing of our existence and the very thing that comes closest to bridging the gap between individual experiences. Through national and international endeavors with fellow artists in both dance and through interdisciplinary collaboration, serving diverse populations and the sharing knowledge and experiences have directly informed and defined my creative scholarship student-centered teaching.

Over the years, I've thoroughly sunk my teeth into the process-oriented environment unique to choreography, performance and dance education. Not only am I working intimately with dancers on daily and long-term goals to help maximize their technical potential, but also to refine their aesthetic sensibilities as movement generators, assisting burgeoning choreographers in their creative processes. I believe in unconditionally supportive mentorship that is inclusive of all gender, sexual orientation and gender identity, race and ethnicity, disability, religious, age, career aspirations and socioeconomic backgrounds.

I believe that a dancer must train in an environment that supports and encourages strength building, risk taking, choice making, and creativity. I motivate students to infuse movement with spirit and individuality. My classes provide the tools needed to distinguish between imitation and actual embodiment and understanding of movement. Dancers are given ample opportunity to listen, absorb, reflect, practice and making choices that will enhance their education and their lives.


Autumn Eckman received her formative training from Susan Bebee, Tom Pazik and Patricia Bromley in Atlanta, GA before attending the Houston Ballet Academy on full scholarship at age 15. Autumn had the privilege to perform as a company member of Giordano Dance Chicago where she also served as Assistant Artistic Director, Resident Choreographer and Director Giordano II; Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, Luna Negra Dance Theatre, Lucky Plush Productions, Ron De Jesus Dance, State Street Ballet, Cangelosi Dance Project and The Cambrians. Her choreographic commissions include original eleven works for Giordano Dance Dance Chicago including JOLT which was named one of Dance Magazine's Top 10 Choreographic Works for 2012 by Wendy Perron.  She has also choreographed for State Street Ballet (Artist-In-Residence) and State Street Ballet Young Dancers, DanceWorks Chicago, Visceral Dance Chicago, The Cambrians, Chattanooga Ballet, Kit Modus, The Big Muddy Dance Co., Wylliams-Henry Dance Company (supported by New Dance Partners), Missouri Contemporary Ballet, Gainesville Ballet, Washington & Lee University, Stephens College, Western Michigan University, Grand Valley State University, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Her choreography and research has been presented at the IUGTE Conference (Austria), Women In Dance Leadership Conference, National Dance Educators Organization, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Bates Dance Festival, Performática (Mexico), Solo Duo Dance Festival (NYC), Detroit Dance City Festival, Charlotte Dance Festival, Blackbox International Theatre & Dance Festival (Bulgaria), Dance Gallery Festival (TX), Men In Dance Festival (WA), as a Finalist of the McCallum Choreography Competition (CA) and with JUNTOS Collective (Guatemala) where she served as Outreach Choreographer in the summer of 2019. Autumn regularly collaborates with composers, multimedia and visual artists including David K. Israel, Dan Myers, Anton Faynberg, Evan Bivins, Joseph Venegoni, Robert LeGendre, Mark Shaffer, Travis McFarlane, Tom Andes, Dr. Michelle Gott, Jonathan Marquis and Dorsey Kaufmann. Autumn holds an MFA in Dance and Choreography from the University of Iowa and is certified in the Giordano Jazz Dance Technique through the Nan Giordano Certification Program and in Level One of Revolutionary Principles of Movement founded upon the anatomy and kinesiology as researched and developed by Ruth Petrinovic and Joanna Kneeland. She is dedicated to sharing her experience of over 20 years of performing, choreographing and teaching/mentorship and has served as master faculty for organizations including Hualien Dance Theatre (Taiwan), Lou Conte Dance Studio (Chicago), Visceral Dance Centre (IL), Atlanta Academy of Ballet and Dance, Alliance Academy of Dance (ID), Jaqueline's School of Ballet (UT), Vitacca Vocational School for Dance (TX), the Ballet Alliance Festival, Open Doors Dance Festival and the Bates Dance Festival. A former Instructor of Dance at Northern Illinois University and Assistant Professor of Dance at the University of Arizona, Autumn served as inaugural faculty at the School of the Arts at Central Gwinnett High School for the 2021-2022 academic year. She will join Kennesaw State University as an Assistant Professor in the Fall of 2022.



Colorado Conservatory of Dance teaching and choreographic residency

Boulder, CO
Feb 7, 2023
Sep 11, 2022



Petaluma Ballet (commissioned residency)

Petaluma Ballet
Petaluma, CA
Jan 14, 2023
Jan 16, 2023

Vitacca Ballet (commissioned residency)

Houston, TX
Jan 2, 2023
Jan 8, 2023



Visceral Dance Chicago

Ann Barzel Theater
Visceral Dance Center
Chicago. IL
Oct 21, 2022
Oct 30, 2022

KSU Dance 'Carte Blanche" Fall Concert

Kennesaw State University Dance Theater
Marrietta, GA
Nov 11, 2022
Nov 12, 2022

Mareck Dance (formerly Missouri Contemporary Ballet) Fall Concert

Missouri Theater
Columbia, MO
Nov 11, 2022
Nov 12, 2022

Giordano Dance Chicago 60th Season

Harris Theater
Chicago, IL
Oct 21, 2022
Oct 22, 2022

COTA Interchange: The Gravity of Beauty

Zuckerman Museum of Art
Mortin Gallery, Kennesaw State University
Kennesaw, GA
Sep 27, 2022
Sep 27, 2022

San Souci Festival of Dance Cinema

Boedecker Theater
Boulder, CO
Oct 16, 2022
Oct 18, 2022


Edgy and strong choreography was magnificent to behold.
Stage and Cinema
What a strong opening - with dancers flexing torsos, fingers and arms convex to concave and flying, and gliding artfully across the stage.
Picture This Post
The movement, as quiet as the sound of rain was lush with elongated lines, reaching, stretching, beseeching, and effortless horizontal lifts
Testimonial Name
Eckman has devised a galvanic work with a truly distinctive language.
Chicago Sun Times
 Eckman is a bright choreographic stylist, mixing solid design with color and sparkle.
Chicago Tribune


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